I am a stay at home mama, wife to a PA student / soldier, and all-around nerd.


At this point, I blog mostly for sanity’s sake!  I have chosen to stay at home with my kids, but I miss the feeling of “doing something” that a conventional job provided me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m “doing something” all day long.  I just don’t get pay, performance reviews, or coworkers who are super kind and validating.  (Yes, I was fortunate to work at an amazing place, with both coworkers and leadership who were by and large incredibly kind and supportive.)  And, so, I blog.  I get a creative outlet, and hopefully someone is entertained / informed by my ramblings. Win / win?  Sure.

My incredibly handsome / smart husband is Josh.  He is currently completing “Phase II” of the Army’s Physician Assistant School (IPAP).  Once he graduates and is commissioned, we’ll get a “permanent” (3-5 year) posting, but we’re currently on our second posting in as many years.  To say the program is intense would be… appropriate.


Our oldest man-child is Liam.  He’s 3.5 and is so much like his daddy it’s occasionally shocking.  Right now he is very into Batman and firemen.  He thinks it’s SO COOL that is Daddy is “like a doctor”.


Our youngest is Brendan, and at just over 2, he is our sweet little cuddler.  He is constantly determined to keep up with his brother!

guard dog

And, we mustn’t forget about Bodhi.  He’s our 6-year-old pit-mix rescue dog.  He firmly believes that he’s not only still a puppy, but also a lap dog.

If you’re keeping track, that makes for a grand total of four men/boys and just one lady.  It gets crazy around here.  But I love it!


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