Fangirl Friday :: Aeropress


A couple years ago, my friend Evelyn who writes over at Smallish reviewed a nifty little coffee contraption called an Aeropress.  At the time, I was intrigued, but also dealing with a brand-new baby and a 16-month old toddler.  I wan’t prepared to commit to anything more complicated than “pop a cup in the Keurig, press brew”.  As time went on, and I was using a SoloFill cup with my Keurig instead of buying k-cups, I remembered her post, and revisited the idea.  I added the Aeropress to my Christmas wish-list, just on a whim; I couldn’t really justify buying myself a new coffee “toy” when I already had a perfectly functioning coffee maker!  As it turns out, that was a fantastic decision!  My fabulous in-laws bought it for me for Christmas, and I can honestly say that I haven’t used my Keurig since our Christmas company left a couple days after Christmas.  This thing is amazing.

The coffee that the AeroPress produces is not only better than what my Keurig makes, but it’s even better (and quicker!) than French Press coffee.  And, even more wonderfully, it makes espresso!  I’ve been having so much fun crafting different drinks.  So far I’ve made mochas, vanilla lattes, and when it was still in season, I made some mean eggnog lattes.

Aeropress Collage
To make espresso (or coffee), you add a scoop of ground espresso/coffee, fill with hot water up to the second line, stir for ten seconds, and then press the plunger through to extract the coffee.  If you’re wanting traditional coffee, you then add a bit of water (so I suppose it’s more an “Americano”).  It’s as quick (possibly faster) than what I was doing before with my Keurig, since I had to “brew” 2-3 cups with the SoloFill to get the right amount of coffee at a decent strength.  Clean-up is crazy simple too: just remove the bottom, pop the spent coffee and paper filter into the garbage, and rinse the bottom and plunger under warm water.

So, there you have it.  I’m obsessed with my AeroPress.  It’s quick, delicious, and super versatile for such a small piece of equipment!

Note: the AeroPress people have never heard of me. I just really like their product.  The link to the AeroPress on Amazon is an affiliate link.


One thought on “Fangirl Friday :: Aeropress

  1. I have one also. I have been using it since last May.

    For me it is a cheaper way to get some caffine on the weekend instead of going out for a frap or something.

    Glad you are enjoying yours. Thanks for sharing.

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