Decisions, Decisions (Or, which oils I’m using)

When I was first introduced to essential oils, it was through a friend who sells DoTerra.  I tried those, tried what I could buy at my local health foods store, and then decided to sign up with Young Living.  So, how’d I make the decision?

First, I noticed right away that the oils I tried from my local store didn’t give me the same results as the DoTerra samples I’d tried.  My skin felt a little irritated, and I didn’t have the same relief I’d had from the DoTerra oils.  (This was with peppermint and lavender.)  Now, I can’t say that “any oils you’d find at a local store will be inferior” — I obviously haven’t tried them all, nor am I that knowledgable!  I just know that what was available to me, I didn’t like as much as what I’d previously tried.

I then proceeded to (over)research what seemed to be my two best options for essential oils.  Some DoTerra reps will tell you that their oils are superior and Young Living has/does X, Y, & Z wrong.  Some Young Living reps will tell you that “no, no, Young Living has the superior oils, and DoTerra does A, B, & C wrong!”.  Here’s what I settled on, after much looking around the interwebz: they both have a great, high quality product.  There are differences between the companies, but quality-wise, they’re comparable.  And as far as the he-said-she-said mud-slinging?  There’s not going to be any clear way to know what’s truth and what’s not. I was driving myself crazy trying to decide what to choose! 

There were two factors that ultimately lead me to choose to sign up with Young Living.  One was that I was uncomfortable with some of DoTerra’s marketing practices.  I won’t go into details; I’m really hoping to avoid engaging in the bickering between companies.  It was just a factor in my choosing between the companies.

What absolutely sealed the deal though was the enrollment kit I was able to get through Young Living; the value was just phenomenal.  Since we don’t have a ton of extra cash floating around these days, I was concerned with getting the most “bang for my buck”, as it were.  Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit has their “Everyday Oils” collection (with ten 5mL bottles of oils), a diffuser, as well as a 5mL bottle of Citrus Fresh, 10 assorted sample packets to share with friends/family, and several other items.  When you buy a starter kit, you’re also signing up to be a wholesale member, which gives you 24% off retail prices.  The price of the Premium Starter Kit was $150.  For comparison, the retail price of just the Everyday Oils collection is $163.16.  The diffuser that comes with the kit retails for $98.  Having a diffuser was really important to me, so this kit was an amazing value.

So, those were my thoughts and reasons for choosing to sign up with Young Living.  If you’re interested in purchasing Young Living Essential Oils, or in purchasing a starter kit & signing up as a wholesale customer, click here!  Or, if you have questions for me, let me know in the comments below!