You guys, I might be a hippie.

Okay, so “hippie” is probably drastic. But I’m discovering that I’m much more into “crunchy” type things than most people who knew me before I was say, 25, would have ever guessed. (Seriously, there were people who laughed when I told them I was going to use cloth diapers!)

I’ve been slowly transitioning toward making things at home rather than buying processed food items. (Though I do still buy them when I’m strapped for time; one learns quickly to be flexible when there are two small boys involved!) Tortillas, burger buns, beans, chicken stock… I’ve discovered I much prefer what I can make at home to what I’d buy in a store.

My latest thing though? I fought it. I really did. I mean, Josh is currently in school to become a PA. Poster boy for “conventional medicine”, basically. And then I went and got hooked on essential oils. Talk about crunchy.

The first oils I tried were for my headaches. People who know me, know that I have headaches more days than not. I’ve dealt with them since I was a child. Sometimes migraines, sometimes not. I’ve long since become basically immune to ibuprofen and acetaminophen. A friend sent me some samples of oils, and to be honest, I tried them with a “this isn’t going to work, but I’ll try anything once” attitude.  I had relief within 10 minutes!

I’ve since started using them for a lot of things, and have been really pleased with the results. I’ve even got Mr. “Conventional Medicine” using peppermint oil instead of his old stand-by, Pepto-Bismol. Win!

I’m thinking of writing some posts on what I’ve been doing with essential oils; anyone interested in hearing about it?

yoga and oils

Practicing yoga while diffusing oils… yep. Crunchy.