Hypothetically speaking….

What do you do when you wake up in a bad mood, snipe at your husband all morning, and then top it off with an argument as he’s leaving for the rest of the day?

You bake an apolo-pie.

Then you wonder if he’ll think it’s funny that you decided to call it an apolo-pie, or if he’ll still be angry enough when he comes home to reject your warm, flaky, golden peace offering.

Debate how funny apolo-pies can be.

And then you go with it, greet him at the door with “I’m really sorry, I was in such a foul mood and I don’t even know what got into me. Also I baked you an apolopie.”

… It’s never too late to apolo-pies.



One thought on “Hypothetically speaking….

  1. I can attest to it’s ability to work. I was mad when I walked in and then the first thing I saw was the pie on the table. And I went from mad to “pie? I love pie.” From mad to caveman in 0.25 seconds.

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