In which Bodhi shows how terrible a protector he is.

Bodhi and I had a close encounter with a frog last night… IN THE KITCHEN, you guys! I opened the sliding glass door to let him out, and instead of going out, he jumped backward and got all stressed out and curious. I looked over, and there was a large-ish toad which had hopped into the doorway. Now, I have relaxed A LOT about critters since moving to Texas. But a toad in my kitchen is crossing a line.

I shrieked exclaimed “oh sweet Jesus!”, which is apparently not as unusual for me as I thought, because Josh did not feel compelled to leave the office to investigate the reason for my outburst. After a moment of panic, and being nervous about it coming further into the house, I encouraged Bodhi to “get it”. I really just wanted him to chase it away but I’m glad he didn’t, because afterward I realized if he’d managed to catch the thing, my night could have gotten a lot worse, very quickly. Realizing that my husband didn’t seem to be coming to save me, I decided to just try shutting the door, and prayed that it would hop back out toward the night instead of into my bright kitchen. It did in fact choose to return to its habitat rather than explore my home, for which I was incredibly grateful! And my “big bad dog” is such a darn pansy that he wouldn’t go outside for another ten minutes. Thanks, Bodhi. You make me feel so┬ásafe.

(Disclaimer:: it’s possible that Bodhi would be a fine protector if he felt I were truly in danger. I guess he doesn’t deem a huge toad in the kitchen to be a legit threat. We clearly need to have a talk.)