Saturday Night Sanity

There is something about being home with two small children all day, every day that will make you feel like you’ve lost your damn mind. There are only so many toys to play with, activities to do, and TV shows that a two year old can watch. And, as any two year old is wont to do, the “naughty” things are obviously WAY MORE FUN, MOM. (As he is “sweeping” with the broom and knocking things off the counters / hitting me with the handle unintentionally, Liam looks at me and says “I bein’ naughty.” In case I hadn’t noticed.) Exhausting.

There are some weeks where the scheduling doesn’t work out and I don’t get to have the car at all. There’s no outing to break the monotony of “Nope, don’t touch that – Be kind to your brother – stop it. Now. – NO!” Those weeks (like this week) are the hardest. Introvert though I may be, sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone who is, you know, not two. Bonus points if I’m not related to them and/or its a face-to-face conversation. And being home with two kids constantly isn’t the kind of “alone” that recharges an introvert, I’ve discovered.

Enter my sanity-saving Saturday nights, courtesy of my wonderful and kind husband. He insists that I get out of the house after dinner on Saturday nights. He does bedtime with the boys, and I get some blissful time without children attached to my legs. Sometimes I use the time to run some errands. Others, I wander and maybe even buy myself something fun. Or, possibly my favorite, sometimes I go to my happy place (yes, Starbucks. Judge away.) and I read a book, and drink terribly high-point (oh, hey, diet. I’m gonna ignore you for a couple hours and consume what should be my daily allowance for food in one drink alone. Brb.) lattes, and I bask in the feeling like a person again. Not just a mom/wife/cleaning lady… but a person. Who likes books. And has a brain that sometimes produces intelligent thoughts. It is indescribably refreshing, and exactly what I need to face another week of “work”.

So thank goodness for my wonderful husband who recognizes that a few hours alone are what the doctor ordered (or, at least, the {future} PA ordered) to bring me back from my trip on the crazy train.

A disclaimer:
Lest you think that I am drowning in my vale of tears, I definitely find joy and hilarity in both the boys several times a day. It’s just the long-haul that is occasionally overwhelming and makes me feel…blah.

Evidence of said joy-finding::


Because how dang cute is that?! Liam played his guitar and sang to Brendan, who was a willing and captive audience, and generous with his applause. Melt.

Disclaimer #2::
This is my first attempt at a blog post written and published from my iPad, so let’s hope that it works?


One thought on “Saturday Night Sanity

  1. You made me cry! Wishing I could help you out but NY is a long ways from TX. I remember those days but I can say I had a vehicle to use. Hang in there, Jill. These days will not last forever.

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