New beginnings?

Josh said to me tonight that the good thing about things ending is that it means something new is beginning. It was funny, because I had been thinking about how this ending mirrored a beginning. When I first started my job as an assistant, I remember way too many days of just praying that I could make it to my car before bursting into tears. Some days I made it, but others I wasn’t so lucky. It was overwhelming, I didn’t feel equipped for the job, and I missed the friends I’d worked with before.
Today was my last day working at Compassion. And, like the beginning, I found myself just praying I could hold back the tears until I was safely in my car. (I succeeded.) In the 3.5 years I spent at Compassion, and especially in the 2.5 in my role as assistant, I made so many friends. I not only loved the people I worked with, but I loved the mission. It was my first “real” job, definitely my longest-held job, and I think I’ll be hard-pressed to find another place I love as much as I did working there.
But, we’re moving forward. T minus 10 days ’til truck loading, and I definitely have enough to do between now and then. With packing, cleaning, and last shenanigans (Jamba and Target! Sparkly nail polish!) I doubt I’ll have much time to miss ‘working’. And once we’re settled in the San Antonio area, I am super excited to begin my next ‘job’… Full time mama to two little men under the age of two. I expect to find that being assistant to a department of 60ish people was a breeze compared to wrangling these little guys!




One thought on “New beginnings?

  1. Well said. I am excited for you about the new adventures that lie ahead. You are a great mom & wife. How blessed your family is. Love you!

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