And then God laughed

Remember that one time when I said I’d never date a guy in the military again?

God had a nice chuckle, and two and a half years later, there I was with a ring on my finger and a military dependent ID in my wallet. But it was ok, because he only had a year left, right? {haha}


And then they called while we were on our honeymoon / road trip to say “Oh, BTW, you’re deploying in 3 months and we’re stop-lossing you.”

So two years after we got married, he was finally out; still a reservist, but hey that’s no big deal.

And then we fell in love with Colorado and bought a house and figured we’d stay a while … and God giggled some more.

Joshua has been accepted to the Army’s Physician Assistant program, is returning to Active Duty, and we’re moving to San Antonio, TX in April. Oh yeah, Texas, one of the few places on my “I never want to live there” list.

Can you hear the laughter?

While I know that He has a plan for our family, right now I’m still freaking out a little over the idea of what’s in store for us. I guess that the thing I struggle most with letting go of (control freak, here!) is the thing I’m going to be tested on. I know we’ll be in TX for 16 months. After that, the only thing I can know is that God is the one in control and he has a plan and a purpose. And I’m going to stop making definite statements about my future – it only gets me in trouble!