C is for cookie…

Yes, yes I have been watching way too much Sesame Street. It’s my secret weapon for keeping Liam out of trouble while I feed Brendan!

But I’ve had a lot of cookies in my life lately, not just the blue furry monster kind. After not baking for a pretty long time, I’ve been making cookies at least once a week. It’s become a way to feel like myself, someone other/more than a mom and wife. It’s something I can do just for myself that I don’t feel guilty for, because Josh and Liam definitely enjoy the end results!

Baking has been a favorite activity of mine for as long as I can remember. I started out, as many kids do, I’m sure, by helping my mom in the kitchen. I went solo at the ripe old age of 8 years old, informing my mom that I wanted to bake cookies by myself. She assigned my older brother Chris to help / make sure I didn’t do anything crazy. (As I recall he just sat and watched while I made the cookies and cleaned the kitchen… Some help, right?) The rest, as they say, is history. While I am a pretty decent cook, baking is my real passion. If I could convince someone to pay me to bake, I’m fairly certain that’d be my dream job.

Anyways, cookies. Not awesome for losing baby weight, but it turns out, great for helping me not lose my mind.


5 thoughts on “C is for cookie…

  1. Ok, first of all how did I not know that you blog??!! Girl, get writing more– I love this! Secondly, you are absolutely a kindred spirit in the whole baking-to-stay-sane thing. Not a week goes by that my Kitchen Aid doesn’t see butter and sugar. And cookies? Oh yes. Cookies are my first love over any other nibble. Love that last sentence, as it’s so true!

    • Aw, thanks! I just started again today. It’s another of my sanity-inducing activities, but harder to find time for than baking. (I’ve mastered the art of baking while wearing one kid and not stepping on the other as he plays, but writing requires at least a little bit of quiet!)

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