Kind of a big deal.

Josh’s family has this marinade recipe that Josh has always referred to as “Uncle Bob’s chicken”.  They even have a booth at the NY State fair that Josh spent some time helping out at once upon a time.

A few days ago, while looking for a new marinade recipe to try, I came across a recipe for “Cornell Chicken” which looked vaguely familiar.  Curious, I Googled “Cornell Chicken”… only to find that “Uncle Bob” is “Robert Baker”, who invented this awesome marinade.  I texted Josh to tell him that his great-uncle’s recipe was “a legit thing”… turns out, homeboy has his own Wikipedia page, a very famous (at least in most of NY state) recipe, and… get this… is credited with inventing chicken nuggets.  He was even featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered” after his death — which Josh decided was almost the coolest thing ever, short of being on NPR’s “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me” show.

Having discovered that Josh’s Uncle was “kind of a big deal”, I decided that I needed to make his chicken, along with the side dish commonly paired with it, “Syracuse salt potatoes”.

The recipe for the marinade was super easy — you can find it in many places; just google “Cornell Chicken”.  The chicken tasted more vinegar-y than I remember (Josh agrees) so I’m not sure what happened there, but it was still pretty yummy.  I think that using the marinade on something other than boneless, skinless chicken breast would yield a better end product.

I grilled.

Josh did baby duty - Liam was having a very rough day.

The salt potatoes were my favorite part of the meal.  They were delicious, and kind of pretty, too!  Here’s a recipe:  Syracuse Salt Potatoes .  We used some baby red potatoes we picked up at the farmer’s market — so good!

Boiling them made a huge mess

Salt-crusted outsides = yum.

I liked the potatoes so much that I’ll probably make them like this for next St. Patrick’s day, instead of boiling them in with the cabbage — if I remember this come next March!


2 thoughts on “Kind of a big deal.

  1. Cook’s Country/America’s Test Kitchen recently did this meal. I keep meaning to dig out the recipe. Looks yummy!!

  2. I have a copy of Mom’s (Josh’s Mom) handwriting with the recipe. Double check the amount of vinegar (2 cups) and use cidar vinegar. REALLY REALLY good with bone in chicken, cooked slow over charcoal but still works over gas. If cooking with bone-in, try the indirect method by cooking to the side of coals or burner. Also did you have have lots of butter on your salt potatoes? Should bring back memories for Josh in prepping them!

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