Little Man’s 1st Independence Day

We had a great day on Monday!  It was such a nice long weekend with Josh (he had Friday off too) and Monday was a wonderful way to end it.

Hanging out with daddy

We had a lazy morning, and Josh did most of the baby care while I made the dessert we were bringing to the barbecue we were going to in the afternoon.

I felt like making something different, after my long hiatus from baking (14 weeks of bed rest aren’t conducive to kitchen creativity!) So after some browsing of the internet, my “recipes to try” bookmark folder, and input from Josh, I settled on Lemon-Raspberry Tartlets.  They’ll probably get their own post later, but they took me the better part of the day to make.  I probably should have tackled something a bit easier on such a hot day, but the end result was pretty tasty.

On Sunday I’d realized that I had no “4th of July” outfit for Liam — bad mommy!!  Thankfully I realized it early enough to stop by Old Navy while doing some other errands.  They were pretty picked over, but we did find him something:

He does this "pose" all the time - it cracks me up!

After the barbecue we came home for a little while, and then drove over to Compassion to watch the Air Force Academy’s fireworks show.  Lots of other people had the same idea, but we got a pretty decent spot, as Heather and Andy got there earlier than us and scoped out a good place.  We did manage to make the old-ish ladies next to us angry with our apparently loud talking during the fireworks… holy dirty looks!  They were not nice.  The fireworks show was pretty great – I would love to have seen it “up close”… but not badly enough to deal with the thousands of people and all the traffic at the Academy!!

It ended up being a pretty late night for little Liam — and ended in a 45 minute meltdown because he was so tired when we got home.  Thank goodness for Joshua, he handled the whole thing — I was curled up in bed trying not to throw up (gotta love migraines).  It was a lame end to the day, but overall a pretty great one!  (And Josh and I figured out that it was the first “real” 4th of July we’ve had together in our whole 4 years of marriage — for all the rest he was in Iraq or working.)

Note to self:  never take Liam out past 8 without bringing a swaddler.  It’s bad news.


2 thoughts on “Little Man’s 1st Independence Day

  1. Yay for finally getting to spend a 4th of July together! Sounds like overall it was a nice day. Liam’s outfit for the day looks adorable and I love the picture of Josh holding him at the top of this post. Love the face!!!!

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