One month old

Okay, so I’m posting this a day late, but Little Man is one month old! Time flies when you’re having fun… or when you’re sleep deprived.  (It’s been a bit of both!)

Lessons from month 1:

– If it makes mommy gassy, it will probably made baby gassy… and two straight hours of screaming is not a fun thing. (No more GoLean Crunch for me!)
– One cup of coffee first thing in the day is okay. A second cup is not.
– A baby can spit up what seems like everything they just ate and still gain weight (He was up to 8.6 lbs at his appointment when he was just 3 days shy of 4 weeks old)
– The lack of sleep is worth it, even though I’d probably not admit that at 2:30 in the morning.

Oh, and the baby carrier is the greatest thing EVER.

 Liam chilling in his bECO carrier… crazy face courtesy of a major case of hiccups!



5 thoughts on “One month old

  1. Oh dear girl….so sad to hear about the 2nd cup of coffee. Glad to hear that you can at least have the one. I also like the GoLean Crunch, but for sure easier to give up than my coffee. Loving the photos.

    • Yeah, I am still looking for a decaf that I like, so I can at least have a second cup for the taste, if not the energy boost (even though I could really use it!)

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