Why Make a Marriage?

Why “Make a Marriage?”  .. First let’s talk about why a blog at all?

As my husband will tell you, I love journals.  I have a collection of beautiful notebooks!  Sadly, I will write in one for a few days / entries, and then fall off the wagon.  I’m not a consistent writer.  (Josh finds this funny because my degree is in  English, so it’s not like I don’t enjoy writing.)  But, with a brand new baby I have a host of reasons to want to start a blog.  For one, we are about 1900 miles away from both our families.  A blog seems like a good way to keep them in the loop, both about our lives and about the little man.  Secondly, I think a blog is a good outlet to keep me engaging in something that isn’t taking care of the baby and working — something that I can do to remind myself that I do in fact have a brain in there somewhere, as little-used as it is these days.

Okay, so I’m going to start a blog… but what to name it?  Josh’s suggestions included “Your face is onions” — amusing to us, but no real explanation to it.  I’m still not sure why he told me that in the middle of the produce section one day, but it has remained as one of his favorite insult / comebacks.  Then I got to thinking about a conversation I’d had with my mom (Hi, Mom!) about one of her “signature” expressions — “it has to make a marriage”.  She uses the term in reference to certain foods needing time for their flavors to mingle before they reach optimum-deliciousness (my term, not hers!).  She recently used the phrase to someone outside the family, and got one of those “What are you TALKING about” reactions.  We had a good giggle, because everyone in our family knows and loves to use / tease about her funny way of describing this process.

But really, what a great thing to think about.  “Make a Marriage” — it can be about food (and I do love to cook / bake, so I’m sure that’ll pop up on this little blog-a-majigger of mine), but you can also apply it to life!  When you get married, you need some time to get settled into it, to get to know your spouse’s unique personality “flavor” and figure out how to work together.  And with the addition of Little Man, we’re re-doing the whole process, figuring out how to function as a “three-er”).

Anywho, that’s my story.  We’re “making a marriage” and you’re welcome to come along.


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